Mamata's bid is premature

If the BJP performs satisfactorily, it will be the Opposition parties' turn to be subdued.

Politics doesn’t run in straight lines, especially when in a developing situation a clutch of contenders fancy their chances. The opposition to BJP rule in the country appeared in a moribund state, and was suddenly sparked to life with the extraordinary Gujarat results, with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi leading the campaign against the saffron party. Yet, with the BJP suddenly appearing to lose its shine, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has been first off the block, hinting strongly that she had the best credentials to be the Opposition’s face as the challenger to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Her party spokesman freely made the case in remarks to the media.

While the Gujarat verdict has dented the BJP even if the saffron party won the election, and politics can well take a new turn, it does seem premature for any party at this stage to press for a pre-eminent position among others that may be rivals for such a claim. Before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, five Assembly polls, including to three BJP-ruled states, are due in the coming months. If the BJP performs satisfactorily, it will be the Opposition parties’ turn to be subdued. The Congress will be the main challenger in these states. If this party’s performance is convincing, and the government’s stock continues to slip, it’s hard to see how regional secular parties will back Ms Banerjee’s claim. The West Bengal leader’s spokesman also said that Sonia Gandhi, although no longer Congress president, should remain UPA chairperson. This is a pointless observation as Mrs Gandhi is unlikely at this stage to throw her hat into the ring for Prime Minister.

( Source : Columnist )
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