Perverts must be shamed

Much of the print media may have been wary of publishing the name of the victim.

The depths of depravity to which man can descend were probably tested in the molestation of a famous teenaged actress on board a flight. The accused is a professional, and a frequent flier at that, who may have seen an opening for his deviant behaviour in a darkened aircraft. Such perversity may be difficult to comprehend but the incident is a sharp comment on where we are heading as a male-dominated society in which sexual crimes against women are becoming too commonplace, in all kinds of settings and amid all strata of people. The teenager did well in a kind of #MeToo moment to narrate what took place to the crew and action has been taken in apprehending the accused. However, even that might have been late considering the reports of the scenes on board despite which the passenger could leave the airport.

Much of the print media may have been wary of publishing the name of the victim. Since she identified herself on a social media platform like Instagram to tell the tale of harassment, there is no reason not to name her. To do so is important in the sense that only if women speak up will men be named and shamed into realising the folly of chauvinistic behaviour which shows no understanding of the rights of others. When Mark Zuckerberg’s sister chose to speak up recently after suffering harassment by sexual innuendo on board in a similar situation, she struck a blow for the right of a woman to her body and her sex. Considering the frequency of such occurrences, it’s time the flying crew of all airlines were trained to respond quickly. But the quickest punishment that can be given to this man is to put him on the no-fly list as the criminal case may take an eternity to come to a conclusion. We may have to act against perverts and lechers in summary manner.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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