Indo-Pak scenario has changed

Mr Modi's comments about how India needs a strong Army set things in perspective.

The Prime Minister didn’t say it in so many words. And yet, what he left unsaid said it all. Mr Narendra Modi made a veiled reference, which was pretty clear in its semantics, to the surgical strikes that India carried out across the Line of Control. During the September 29 midnight attack and the international ramifications in its aftermath, Mr Modi, far from thumping a part of his body that has often been referred to in political debate, had advised everyone in his government and party not to thump their chests. In coming to the subject in a roundabout way now, by saying this Vijayadasami was a very special one, Mr Modi may have added to the debate over the India-Pakistan scenario that has changed considerably since the night of the preemptive, counter-terror ops.

Regardless of whether Mr Modi spoke about it or not, the fact remains that after the surgical strikes India will have to pay a higher price for its freedom, which is eternal vigil. It makes sense, given Pakistan’s history and what it has been known to do through its encouragement of non-state actors without the slightest provocation, but premised only upon its claim to Kashmir. Mr Modi’s comments about how India needs a strong Army set things in perspective. No expense must be spared to make India’s armed forces more powerful for its own safety. Whatever be the political discourse over the surgical strikes, what matters most now is the preparedness to take on any threat to keep the country safe.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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