Mystic Mantra: Peeling the layers of creation

The only way to get out of this whirlpool is to take a leap upwards.

Creation is not complete in itself, it is only part of a larger creation and that is a part of an even larger one. Creation is in layers and dimensions, our earthly existence being only a part of it, a fraction of the larger reality. Anything which is not a complete reality has to be understood and then from there one must make an attempt to access the larger and even the complete, reality.

Each one of us has potential which is unlimited, it is just that we are so stuck in the web of maya which rises from our avidya and false desires that we are not prepared to let go of anything for a higher quest. We feel that this is all there is to life and nothing beyond. Even if we have knowledge of the existence of other dimensions, because of avidya we choose to ignore it.

As there is hardly any Guru available to remove this avidya, we take the help of TV channels and books to find solutions to problems which have arisen from our own avidya. The result is, we go deeper into the web of maya as most of the Gurus prescribe solutions by teaching strange kriyas and stranger techniques while our problems are the result of our own karma. This is in complete contrast to the law of karma and so the soul enters a downward spiral and takes birth in lower dimensions and levels of existences, which are more painful. It is like a whirlpool that sucks you in deeper and lower.

The only way to get out of this whirlpool is to take a leap upwards. When a Guru removes the veil of maya and shows you the light, the path towards evolution opens up and takes you to the exit. This is the only way to break the spell of maya and embark on the journey of evolution, which takes you from your earthly journey towards the final destination, traversing, step by step, the layers you have come across, to the greater reality.

As you achieve greater reality through the path of positive karmas shown by your Guru, your problems begin to fade, indicating that the heaviness of physical creation is now leaving you. You know you are moving towards the exit — an exit from all the physical manifestations of the five senses. The question is, are you willing to exit creation or do you want to re-enter the cycle that is a downward moving spiral of lower and painful births?

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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