Vizag top cop for strict adherence to poll guidelines

175 history-sheeters under 'Observation List'

Visakhapatnam: Visakhapatnam police commissioner Ravi Shankar Ayyanar on Thursday emphasized the need for strict adherence to guidelines for a fair and transparent election process. In a media briefing here, commissioner Ayyanar outlined the key measures aimed at upholding the integrity of the electoral process in the constituency. One of the primary directives was the mandatory requirement for all political parties to obtain permission for campaigning from the returning officer (RO) or through the Suvidha application.

A Moral Code of Conduct (MCC) team, which includes an executive magistrate, a police officer, and a videographer, was set up to monitor the entire poll process, he said. The team’s role includes monitoring campaign activities, prevent violations such as unauthorized placement of party materials and illegal public gatherings. The MCC has the authority to take immediate action, including seizing possessions and making arrests, if necessary. He also addressed the role of the flying squad teams in maintaining law and order during elections. The flying squad, consisting of various law enforcement personnel and a videographer, focuses on curbing violations such as voter intimidation, bribery, and distribution of illegal substances. To address the concerns regarding potential violations, commissioner Ayyanar outlined avenues for the public to report infractions. Complaints related to election misconduct can be registered through the C Vigil portal or hotline Nos. 100 and 112. However, he clarified that the police primarily handle cases of cognizable offenses, with the MPDO team responsible for addressing election-related complaints. To combat illicit practices such as voter intimidation and bribery, commissioner emphasized proactive measures undertaken by the police officials. He disclosed efforts to counsel and locate individuals with a history of criminal behavior, particularly rowdy-sheeters who may pose a threat to the electoral process. A total of 2092 rowdy- sheeters were under scrutiny, with 175 identified as being on the 'Observation List', he added

He also highlighted the role of the specialized teams, including the pre-poll enforcement team and the media monitoring centre in ensuring compliance with election expenditure regulations and monitoring social media for potential violations

Commissioner Ayyanar urged both the electorate and political leaders to cooperate in upholding the integrity of the electoral process.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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