Villagers Protest for Ration Van to Remote Villages in Araku

Visakhapatnam: Voters of Chinkonala and Booriga hilltop hamlets in Araku constituency are demanding that YSRC MLA Chetti Palguna ensure that the ration van visits their villagers to deliver essential commodities to them.

They say every time they have to collect their rations, they face the arduous task of walking 20 kilometres to Sarada Valasa village in Lothagadda panchayat of Vizianagaram district.

The villagers wonder why they have to suffer when there is a 12-kilometre, 800-meter road constructed from Pedduru Road to Boddavalasa and Booriga village.
The voters of Chinnakonela and Booriga villages in Rompelli panchayat, with 60 cards in their area, say they will continue to protest on this matter whenever MLA Chetti Palguna visits their villages for election campaign.

They point out that to reach the ration shop, they have to cross two high hills. They leave at six in the morning and return at six in the evening.

"We approached the mandal revenue officer several times. But no attention has been paid to us," Chinkonala villager Somila Appalaraju stated.
Konaparthi Simhachalam said, "We want rations at our doorsteps. There are 10 families that are elderly and cannot walk. They are not taking rations every month. We face many difficulties because the ration van does not come to our village, even though we have road facilities.โ€

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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