Telugu Writers Call for Preservation of Language

Kakinada: A two-day conference on Telugu language and literature, organised by the Vanguri Foundation and Thurpu Godavari District Rachayithala Sangham, concluded on Sunday with a renewed call to promote Telugu.

Writers, poets, and critics who participated in the event stressed the importance of preserving and promoting Telugu. Many attendees felt that both the central and state governments needed to take stronger initiatives to support Indian languages and counter the dominance of English-medium education.
Focus on Telugu Poetry and Prose
Telugu University's former Dean, Bethavolu Rambrahmam, spoke on the enduring relevance of Yogi Vemana's "Sathakam" (collection of 100 poems) in contemporary society. He emphasized the importance of every Telugu speaker being familiar with at least a few of Vemana's poems.
Voleti Parvatesam delivered a presentation on the literary duo Venkata Parvateeswara Kavulu, who hailed from the East Godavari district.
Dwibhasyam Rajeswara Rao, a renowned novelist and short story writer, discussed the impact of Panuganti Lakshmi Narasimha Rao's essays on Andhra society in the 19th century.
The renowned Satavadhani Kadimella Vara Prasad Avadhani offered insights into the poetic techniques used in "Avadhanam Prakriya" (improvisational poetry performance).
Additional speakers included Dr. Addanki Srinivas and Yerrapragada Ramakrishna.
The conference was graced by the presence of Vanguri Foundation founder Vanguri Chitten Raj and writer D. Devadanam Raju, among others.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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