Tension Grips Sirwar After Tipu Statue Garlanded with Slippers

The act incited public anger, leading to a protest demanding immediate arrest of the accused

Raichur: Outrage swept through Sirwar town in Raichur district on Wednesday morning as protesters gathered in response to the desecration of a name board bearing the name and portrait of Tipu Sultan at the Circle near Mutton Market.

The incident reportedly took place during the night, with locals discovering a garland of sandals draped over Tipu Sultan's name board, situated at the circle near Mutton Market, in the morning.

The act incited public anger, leading to a protest demanding immediate arrest of the accused.

Efforts by the police to mollify the demonstrators proved futile as they took to the streets from 7 am, even resorting to setting tires on fire.

Manvi MLA G. Hampayya Nayak arrived at the scene, engaging in discussions with community leaders. In a gesture of respect, he adorned the same name board with flower garland as a symbolic act honoring Tipu Sultan. Assurances of stringent action against the culprits were given, prompting the protesters to call off their demonstration around 10 am.

"I was informed about the incident this morning and rushed to the spot immediately. I spoke to the people, assuring them that our government stands by them. I also conveyed that the police would swiftly apprehend and punish the wrongdoers," stated the MLA.

“The protestors have been pacified, and the demonstration has been called off. Such an incident has never occurred in Sirwar. I urge the public to maintain peace and disregard any unfounded rumors,” Nayak added.

The Superintendent of Police has also pledged to promptly apprehend the perpetrators, further assuring the public of swift action.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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