PM Modi Launches Scathing Attack on Opposition Bloc I.N.D.I.A. in Varanasi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a scathing attack on the Opposition I.N.D.I.A. bloc, saying its members believe in instigating people in the name of caste and making them fight. Attacking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, without naming him, for his “drunk men” on Varanasi roads remarks, Mr Modi said that those who are not in "hosh" (senses) themselves are calling the youth of Uttar Pradesh "nasheri" (intoxicated).

Addressing a public meeting after inaugurating and laying the foundation of development projects worth Rs 13,000 crore in his Parliamentary constituency of Varanasi, the Prime Minister said that Uttar Pradesh had been left behind in development for decades due to the politics of "parivarvaad", corruption and appeasement.
"Members of the Congress' 'shahi-parivar' are calling the youth of Varanasi 'nasheri'. Those who are not in 'hosh' themselves are calling the youth 'nasheri'," Modi said, in an apparent attack on Gandhi.
Rahul Gandhi had recently said that in Varanasi, he observed some youths inebriated, lying on the streets and dancing at night. The Congress leader said the future of the youth of Uttar Pradesh is intoxicated.
In his address, Modi said that the speed of development of Varanasi has increased in the last 10 years. The Prime Minister said that in his 10 years as Varanasi MP, the city has made him a "Banarasi". He also reiterated his commitment to improving the lives of the people of Kashi.
Speaking at a function in his parliamentary constituency to commemorate the 647th birth anniversary of Sant Ravidas, Modi said, "In every era, the sermons of the saints show us the path and also alert us. In our country, whenever anybody indulges in discrimination in the name of caste, it damages humanity.”
Accusing the I.N.D.I.A. bloc of instigating people in the name of caste, Modi said, " every dalit and backward of the country has to keep in mind that 'INDI gathbandhan', which believes in instigating and making people fight in the name of caste, opposes the schemes meant for the welfare of the dalits and 'vanchit' (deprived)."
The Prime Minister further said that the truth is that the Opposition leaders indulge in politics of vested interest of the family in the name of the welfare of castes.
"You must be remembering that when construction of toilets was started, they ridiculed it. They also mocked the Jan Dhan accounts and also opposed Digital India,” he said.
Modi also said that the Opposition leaders cannot "tolerate" dalits and tribal people occupying high posts. He cited Droupadi Murmu's presidential election and slammed the Opposition for opposing her.
"These 'parivar vaadi' (dynastic) parties have another identity, they do not want any dalit or tribal person outside their families to move ahead. They cannot tolerate dalits and tribal people occupying high posts. You must be knowing that when Murmu, the first woman tribal president, was contesting elections, then who all opposed her and which parties came together to defeat her,” he said, adding that it was all the 'parivar vaadi' parties, who see the dalits, tribal people and backwards as their vote bank during the elections.
“We have to remain alert to these people and to such a mindset. We have to follow the positive education of Ravidas ji while avoiding the negative mentality of casteism," Modi said.
Highlighting his government's work for farmers and the poor, the Prime Minister said that animal husbandry is a medium to make women self-reliant and a support for small and landless farmers.
"I remain vocal for locals to advertise small artisans. Modi is the ambassador of small farmers and entrepreneurs," the Prime Minister said.
Earlier, the Prime Minister inaugurated and laid the foundation of several projects worth more than Rs 13,000 crore in his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi. According to an official statement, these projects include multiple roads, a cooking gas bottling plant, a milk processing unit, and a silk fabric printing common facility centre for weavers.
"Kashi is now being seen as a model of development and heritage across the world. The world is witnessing today how modernity is developed around culture and tradition," he said in his address at the Banaras Hindu University. He also interacted with winners of the "Sansad Sanskrit Pratiyogita" at the university.
He noted that in the next five years, the country will become a model of development and this is the Modi guarantee. “The echo of India's rich heritage is being heard worldwide,” Mr Modi said.
Referring to the consecration of Ram Lalla's idol on January 22 in Ayodhya, he said, "Today, the world is seeing that after the installation of Ram Lalla's new grand idol, Ayodhya is flourishing like Kashi."
“Similarly, the sites associated with Lord Buddha are being developed and an international airport has been constructed in Kushinagar,” he said.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle with agency inputs )
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