AP Village to Boycott Polls Over Pollution by Thermal Power Station

Residents protest against Simhadri Thermal Power Station pollution, demand relocation after years of suffering from health issues and lack of basic amenities

Visakhapatnam: Residents of the Moola Swayamvaram village under Pendurthi constituency have decided to boycott the forthcoming assembly and Lok Sabha elections protesting against the pollution generated by Simhadri Thermal Power Station and inability of the authorities to relocate their village.

On Sunday, the villagers showed to media the harmful effects of the thermal power station in the area. Some of the residents explained various illnesses they are suffering from due to the pollution generated.

People of the area are grappling with lack of basic amenities, such as clean drinking water, which has resulted in an outbreak of kidney diseases.

At a meeting held on Sunday at the Ram Temple in Moola Swayamvaram village, where several residents of the area spoke, Annam Nookalamma pointed to the irony that the Simhadri plant does not give them any free electricity, but is forcing them to bear the pollution for years.

K. Baburao suggested that the power project dealing with its pollution will be more effective than the CSR projects that are implemented. Murisa Apparao proposed that complaints must be filed with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the National Green Tribunal.

Parina Vishnu Kapula Reddy pointed out that their village has been facing various issues for almost two decades. Leaders had promised to relocate their village and rehabilitate them. But no action has been taken so far.

M. Chandrasekhar mentioned that the Simhadri Thermal Power Station is causing noise pollution, leading to hearing-related diseases among people living nearby.

Banda Appalanaidu, a prominent voice among the villagers, made a strong demand that their village be relocated to a pollution-free area.

Echoing sentiments of the entire village, Kapula Reddy Kondababu mentioned that they are boycotting all political parties that are coming to campaign in their village. The villagers are united in their demand for a better future through relocation and rehabilitation.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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