Former CM Basavaraj Bommai Criticises Congress-led Govt's Development Failures and Electoral Strategies

HAVERI: Former Chief Minister and BJP candidate for Haveri, Basavaraj Bommai, strongly criticised the Congress-led government, accusing it of neglecting development and resorting to guarantee schemes to gain support for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Addressing the induction ceremony of backward-class leaders into the BJP at Ranebennur in the Haveri Lok Sabha constituency, Bommai lamented the lack of development initiatives in the state.

"No development work is underway in the state, as even ruling party MLAs admit. Their leaders advise them to rely on guarantee schemes to win elections, but even these promises are not being fulfilled adequately. While the government speaks about a lack of funds, they make unnecessary expenditures by granting cabinet rank to 94 individuals," he alleged.

He further criticised the government's stance on implementing the backward class commission's report, accusing them of betraying the backward communities. Bommai condemned the suspension of farmers' schemes, labelling the government as anti-backward class, anti-SC/ST, and anti-farmer.

Bommai also criticised the government's handling of drought relief efforts, accusing them of ignoring the plight of people in drought-hit regions. He highlighted the disparity between the government's claims of addressing the issue and the ground reality faced by rural communities.

Reflecting on the changing political landscape in Karnataka, Bommai expressed confidence in people's ability to discern between assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Drawing parallels with past elections, he underscored voters' historical support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in parliamentary elections.

"In Karnataka, there is a distinction between assembly and Lok Sabha election results. During Ramakrishna Hegde's tenure as Chief Minister, his party faced a lack of support in the Lok Sabha elections. However, upon his resignation and subsequent re-contesting of elections, his party secured a clear majority in the assembly elections. Similarly, in 2013, despite granting a clear majority to the Congress in the state assembly, the voters shifted their support to Narendra Modi at the Centre in the following year, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections," he said.

Bommai highlighted the shifting political landscape in Karnataka, asserting that the grip of influential leaders like the Deputy Chief Minister and Chief Minister is loosening as people break free from their influence. He emphasised the disconnect between the government and ordinary citizens, predicting a rude awakening for those intoxicated by power once the election results are revealed.

He praised Modi's leadership, citing his proactive approach during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and terrorist threats. He contrasted Modi's decisive actions with the perceived inefficiency of UPA governments.
Bommai criticised the Congress government's lack of action in addressing the plight of people in drought-affected regions.

"In northern Karnataka, the situation is dire, with livestock owners forced to sell their animals at reduced prices due to the scarcity of fodder and drinking water. While we discuss drought over mineral water in Vidhana Soudha, rural communities are grappling with genuine water crises," he emphasised.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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