Alliance government to complete irrigation projects: Pawan Kalyan

KAKINADA: The three-party alliance government would complete the irrigation projects and provide water to every acre of land, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has promised while speaking at a road show and bike rally in Pithapuram mandal on Monday.

People welcomed him at Chendurthi, Vannepudi, Kodavli, Veldurthi, Dontamuru, B Kothuru, Thimmapuram, Gokivada, Jamulapalli, Narasingapuram, L.N.Puram, Kolanka, Viravada, Virava, Mangithurthi, Mallam, Jalluru, FK Palem, Kandarada, Kumarapuram and other villages for six hours on Monday and showered flowers on him. In response, Pawn Kalyan said “the people spread flowers” on him and “throw stones” on chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy.

He said Jagan Mohan Reddy sent Chandrababu Naidu to jail without taking care of his 40 years of political experience. “When the TD was in the crisis, I rendered support to it, and my aim of the alliance with TD and BJP is not to split the anti-incumbancy votes.”

He said that his support to Chandrababu has raised the morale of the Telugu Desam cadre. He promised that the former MLA S.V.S.N. Varma would be given MLC post.

Pawan Kalyan cautioned the people that they would lose their assets and properties if they cast their vote for the YSRC. “Jagan Mohan Reddy issued GOs to loot your properties in the name of the AP Land Titling Act.”

He said, “When the people purchase properties and lands, the government would not give original documents, except the Xerox copies.” He stressed the need for defeating the YSRC to protect their properties. Praising the TD cadres, Pawan Kalyan said that though TD experienced many crises, its cadre have not been scattered.

Former Pithapuram MLA S.V.S.N. Varma said that one section of the media was making a vicious propaganda against him, that he would join the YSRC. “Once I give on my word.”

Varma said he had promised Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Naidu that he would ensure victory of Pawan Kalyan with a huge majority in the present polls.

Jana Sena’s Kakinada Lok Sabha candidate Tangella Udaya Srinivas, Pithapuram BJP incharge K. Krishnam Raju and others were present.

In Unguturu and Tadepalligudem constituency meetings, Pawan Kalyan said that BC-SC sub-plans funds have not been diverted and the funds would be spent for their welfare. “I would not be afraid of YSRC goons.”

He said drinking water problems would be sorted out by modernising the Eluru canal. He appealed to the people to ensure the win of BJP Lok Sabha candidate and Jana Sena candidates in the two assembly seats by huge majority.

He said, “Farmers are not able to get crop insurance during the YSRC rule. Farmers' issues would be sorted out and roads and infrastructure facilities would be developed in the Godavari districts.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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