Pawan Kalyan Cuts Short His Tour by Two Days at Pithapuram Due to Fever

Kakinada: Jana Sena Chief and film Star Pawan Kalyan cut short his visit by two days in Pithapuram of Kakinada istrict as he is suffering from throat infection and viral fever.

He left for Hyderabad by helicopter on Sunday evening. He came to Pithapuram on Saturday and according to his schedule, he was to tour the constituency for four days. On Sunday morning, he visited the God Kukkuteswara Swamy, the Goddess Puruhoothika-one of the Shakti peethas- and Sripada Vallabha-the birth place and the first Avatar and offered special poojas. The priests in the temples blessed him.

Later, speaking with the leaders and the cadres of Telugu Desam, Jana Sena and BJP, he urged them to defeat the ruling YSRC and strive hard to ensure the alliance wins power in the state. He expressed his confidence that the alliance will form the next government.

PK gave a call to the leaders and the cadres to work hard for the victory of the candidates, fielded by the three party alliance. Together, with the help of the BJP, ``the misrule of the YSRC in the state can be ended and good governance ushered in in the state’’.

He said that the single goal of the alliance is to defeat the YSRC in the elections; and to achieve the goal, the leaders and cadres should take 40 days’ Deeksha for the “victory of the alliance candidates.

“When political parties form an alliance, there will be many conditions and resentment among the parties and its candidates. But, at present, the alliance parties are working for the single goal of defeating the YSRC,” he claimed.

PK said that the alliance has got the acceptance of 80 per cent of the leaders and the cadres in the respective parties. He was pained when the TD president Chandrababu Naidu went to jail, he said.

He said that Telugu Desam is an established party with a well-defined structure and Jana Sena has its own strength. These are sufficient to defeat the YSRC, he said.

The JS leader appreciated the strengths of TD leader S.V.S.N.Varma. He said that Varma sacrificed his seat for him and he would respect Varma’s reputation. He said that the Kakinada alliance Lok Sabha candidate Tangella Uday Srinivas is most inspirational to the youths as he invested `10 lakh for his``Tea Time’’ business and now he has expanded his services to Nepal also.

Pawan Kalyan said that the Election Commission has issued restrictions that volunteers should not distribute pensions on April 1. He said that the alliance party leaders should cooperate with the government to reach the pensions to the houses of the pensioners without having any hurdles.

Pawan Kalyan remarked that the YSRC candidate Ch.Sunil is a good person, but he chose the wrong party to contest in the elections.

Meanwhile, tension prevailed at the hotel where Pawan Kalyan was staying at Pithapuram as his admirers thronged to the hotel. The police and the security personnel tried to prevent them from entering the hotel. Meanwhile, TD leader Varma came to them and said that Pawan Kalyan was suffering from fever and throat infection and urged the crowd to disperse.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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