No Power Supply Problems, BRS Spreading Lies: Bhatti

Hyderabad: The Congress government on Saturday dismissed as desperate attempts to mislead people, the claims by BRS leaders that the state was experiencing power supply problems. Referring to a tweet by a BRS leader, minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka said, “even when that leader’s microphone stopped working, it was claimed this was a result of a power cut.”

The fact is, Bhatti said, that the government had been supplying more power to the people than ever before, proving wrong the BRS claims that if the Congress comes to power, there would be supply problems. “The daily power consumption hit a historical high on Friday with a peak demand of 15,623 Mega Watts (MW), which was supplied.”

The previous highest was in March 2023, with the BRS in power, when the peak demand touched 15,497 MW, he said.

The government is geared up to meet even higher power supply needs and has ensured resources and supply sources to meet the demand even if it hits 16,500 MW, he added.

To a question on the government paying pending bills to contractors or others, Bhatti lashed out at the previous BRS government saying, “they left dues of Rs 40,000 crore. We are prioritising payments and started with those whose bills are less than Rs 10 lakh. All pending bills will be paid.”

On the Gruha Jyoti scheme providing 200 units of free power a month, Bhatti said those without white ration cards can apply for new ones and that the government will soon announce a drive to collect applications. The scheme has so far benefited 40,33,702 beneficiaries who received zero power bills as their electricity consumption is less than 200 units per month.

He made it clear that the scheme would be applicable to white ration card holding families using less than 200 units of power a month. Those consuming more power will have to pay their bills, he said.

If some families that applied for the scheme under the Praja Palana drive received bills though eligible for the scheme, then it could be because of errors in application and these can easily be corrected at their local MPDO office, he said.

Bhatti on Rythu Bandhu

The Rythu Bandhu scheme of the BRS period is being continued for now without any changes, minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka said. Farmers having up to 3 acres have received the aid and those having between 3 and 4 acres are being paid currently.

The rest will be paid the amounts soon, Bhatti said. The previous BRS government took not less than four months every Yasangi season to pay the aid. “We, in just three months, have paid many farmers,” Bhatti pointed out.

The government will look into those claiming Rythu Bandhu on non-agricultural land and land not being used for agriculture which has cost the government some Rs 20,000 cr so far, Bhatti said.

Bhatti on salaries

For the first time in many years, government employees received their salary on the first of a month which happened on March 1. “We are following strict fiscal discipline and are prioritising payment of wages to Anganwadi, Asha, mid-day meal scheme workers and ANMs whose salaries are small,” minister Mallu Bhati Vikramarka pointed out.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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