Modi Urges BJP Cadre: Break Records, Target 370 Seats

New Delhi: Urging the BJP karyakartas to “break all previous records” of polling in their respective constituencies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday shared tips with the party cadre on how to achieve the party’s target of 370 seats and “400 paar” for the BJP-led NDA. The PM claimed that the voters are saying, "Phir ek baar Modi sarkar" (Modi government once again).

During his interaction with the BJP’s booth convenors in Uttar Pradesh’s 10 Lok Sabha constituencies through the NaMo App, Mr Modi stressed the importance of grassroots engagement. He also praised UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath for "mahila suraksha" in the state.

“The soul of victory in elections lies in the victory at the polling booths… You will have to work with the resolve to break all previous records of the polling booths,” said Mr Modi.

The Prime Minister also recalled how some of the tasks, earlier considered impossible, were made possible by his government and listed the consecration of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir, the abrogation of Article 370, the free Covid vaccine and the law against triple talaq as achievements. Talking about the law against triple talaq, Mr Modi said not just Muslim women but even men from Muslim families thank him for saving their daughters and sisters.

Jab niyat sahi ho nateeje sahi aate hain,” remarked the Prime Minister.

Asking the BJP workers to work hard on the ground and make sure to win the trust of people with their hard work to achieve the party’s target of 370 seats and 400 plus seats for the NDA, Mr Modi advised them to reach out to first time voters, youth, women and even “veteran karyakartas,” who might not be active on the field due to their age, but their “blessings” and “suggestions” can help every booth register more votes than previously.

Mr Modi asked the BJP karyakartas to conduct themselves with sensitivity and humility during the election campaign and also to take care of their health while campaigning during the summer heat.

Asking karyakartas to intensify their efforts, the PM pointed out that because a BJP worker is in direct contact with voters, they are the “face of the BJP”. “When you meet them (voters), they also see Modi in you. Whatever you tell them, they feel that it is Modi who is telling them. If you give a guarantee, then they trust that this is Modi only, so there is strength in this guarantee,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Modi, during his interaction, said that the voters observe booth workers closely. "How you behave, how excited you are, how optimistic you are, how confident you are... all these things are important to the voters. It has been seen that if even a little bit of 'ahankar' (ego) is seen, then the voter goes away from us immediately. Therefore, the polling booth workers have to be alert in every way," he said, adding, “You are not only taking the BJP’s ideology and works with you but also taking its tradition and culture.”

While asking the workers to actively use social media to disseminate the party’s message and the Modi government’s achievements, Mr Modi said karyakartas also need to update voters in their respective booths on how the “ghamandiya gathbandhan" (Opposition alliance) tried to damage the country and how the country suffered during their rule.

Seeking feedback on grassroots initiatives, Mr Modi also urged the paty workers to apprise people about the government's welfare schemes.

While interacting with a woman karyakarta, who mentioned how some of the key schemes of the Central government are being availed of by women voters and how they feel safe, the Prime Minister replied, “Ever since the Yogi government has come to power in Uttar Pradesh, law and order has been its priority. Even women now know it.”

In another interaction with a woman worker from Hathras, Mr Modi said, “Yogi ji ne ye kaam to bahut achcha kiya hai”, when the worker said that the business community does not fear “gundagardi" anymore.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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