Bose had introduced Settibalija community leader Vasamsetty Subhash to the constituency and praised him as a good social worker and leader. Now, Vasamsetty is contesting against Bose’s son Pilli Surya Prakash on a Telugu Desam ticket.

Vasamsetty Subhash worked for transport minister Pinepe Viswaroop in Amalapuram constituency during the 2019 elections. But, after the announcement of naming Konaseema district after Dr BR Ambedkar, an arson incident took place. The houses of Viswaroop and Mummidivaram MLA Ponnada Venkata Satish were gutted.

Viswaroop and his family members believed that Subhash was behind the incident. The Viswaroop family and Vasamsetty Subhas turned enemies after the arson incident.

Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha member Pilli Subhashchandra Bose supported Subhash and took him to Ramachandrapuram constituency. He introduced Subhash to the people, saying, “He is a good person and a good social worker.’’

The government also lifted cases against those who were involved in the arson incidents including Vasamsetty Subhash. After lifting the cases, Subhash joined the Telugu Desam. Now, he is contesting from Ramachandrapuram as the TD candidate against the YSRC candidate Pilli Surya Prakash, son of Pilli Bose. In other words, Bose’s strategy was boomeranged.

Now, Vasamsetty Subhash is deep into the election campaign and the YSRC candidate has no word to criticise him.

Bose and Thota Trimurthulu were political rivals from 1994 till the 2019 elections and these two leaders were contesting against each other. Trimurthulu won the seat as an Independent in 1994 and as TD nominee in 1999, as Congress candidate in the 2012 byelection and TD nominee in the 2014 elections.

Bose won the seat in 1989, 2004 and 2009. He resigned the MLA post in the 2012 elections to support YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who floated the YSRC and contested from the constituency. But, he was defeated by Thota Trimurthulu.

In the 2019 elections, BC welfare minister Chelluboyina Srinivasa Venugopala Krishna defeated TD candidate Thota Trimurthulu. But, Bose rebelled against the minister and then Jagan Reddy gave the ticket to Pilli Surya Prakash. The minister was sent to Rajamahendravaram Rural constituency.

Surya Prakash has completed his campaign in the constituency by reaching out to the villages three or four times. Facing Subhash in the elections, he is depending on the group of Thota Trimurthulu, who is contesting from Mandapeta on behalf of the YSRC. But, Kapus are evincing interest in the Jana Sena. Now, Trimurthulu is advising Kapus to support YSRC candidate Prakash.