Billionaires Got Undue Favours From PM: Alleges Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi

Bengaluru: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday stated that he favours holding Caste census and financial survey of families across the country so that dalits, tribals, backward class and poor general caste people know the status of each communities and termed the holding of caste census in the country, idf voted to power, would be “a revolutionary step.”

In his election campaign at Kolar taluk, Rahul Gandhi stated “We are going to do x-ray of India and place its report before the people of the country.” He wanted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak on caste census whether he is in favour or against it and stated that “Whenever I speak on caste census Modi goes silent.”

Rahul said that the only way to give rights to the poor general caste, dalits, tribals and backward is through holding caste census and asserted that “We are committed to it.”

He accused Modi of meting out ‘unfairness’ to the people of the country and pointed out that Rs 16 lakh crore loans of 22 rich and businessmen have been waived off and spoke nothing when farmers asked for farm loan waiver.

“The 22 businessmen (favoured by Modi) have access to all,” alleged Rahul Gandhi and stated that the loans waived by Modi for 22 businessmen could have run Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme for 24 years.

“What have you done for 22 businessmen is an insult to farmers of the country?” charged Rahul and termed non-waiver off farm loans as “a crime against every farming family.”

According to the Congress leader, the amount owned by 22 businessmen of the country is same as the amount owned by the 70 crore population of the country put together and alleged that 22 businessmen favoured by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have “unlimited resources” and can afford to live their dream lives but others have to simply watch.

“I’m not saying businessmen should not be supported (by the Government). They should be supported for they are who create job opportunities but labourters, youth, farmers among others also strive to build the nation,” stated Rahul.

Accusing Narendra Modi of undue favours to businessman Gautam Adani, Rahul Gandhi said “If Adani wants a particular land, then, Modi gets him that land.” For instance, he alleged that the Mumbai airport owner got a case booked against him by the sleuths of Central Bureau of Investigation and later Mumbai airport was taken over by Adani. Adani wishes for cold storage facilities and he gets it.

Flaying Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul said, “Modi has destroyed the employment system in the country” and stated that son of businessman (Gautham) Adani can get a job anywhere he likes but an unemployed youth has no job avenues.

Rahul said “We cannot allow this type of unfairness happening in the country” and told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Congress party will give Rs 1 lakh as financial assistance to poor women of the country.

He asserted to implement 5-guarantee schemes in the country, if Congress is voted to power in the ensuing election. President of All India Congress Committee (AICC) Mallikarjun Kharge spoke.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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