Only a vibrant democracy can solve global problems, CM to British MPs

CM Reddy emphasizes democracy as a bond between India and Britain.

Hyderabad: Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy addressed a group of Indofile British members of Parliament in the historic Westminster on Thursday, and said, “strengthening democracy - one of the strongest bonds between India and Britain - is imperative to solving the problems of the world.”

Speaking at the iconic site, a Unesco world heritage, Reddy said, "Today, the world is confronted with myriad challenges, including wars, terrorism, denial of rights and assaults on democracy. Although the problems are numerous, the answer is in empowering people through democracy.”

Speaking of the historical relationship between the two countries, Reddy said, “Your country ruled India. My party, the Congress party, fought for Independence. Both our countries must repeatedly take the message of Mahatma Gandhi - who taught us to fight for justice with truth and non-violence, as weapons.”

Speaking of his own experiences as a grassroots-level political leader, who could rise to become a Chief Minister, he said, “I am a farmer’s son, born and brought up in rural India. It is only because of democracy and the Congress party’s inclusive philosophy that I could get this opportunity. We have to create opportunities for everyone, which is the real strength of democracy.”

Labour MP Virendra Sharma hosted the meeting that was attended by seven other MPs and a host of dignitaries.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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