Tamil Nadu Govt. Sets Out To Prove BJP Claims Wrong

In a bid to disprove the charges made by various BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, against the DMK, the State government cited the Union Government’s records that acknowledge Tamil Nadu being on the top of a plethora of development parameters in health care facilities and also in industrial growth.

Ever since the election process started, BJP top leaders had been descending on various parts of the State to accuse the DMK party and the government led by M K Stalin of not doing much for the development of the youth and indulging in corrupt practices.

Modi, who came seven times in quick succession, was categorical in running down the DMK government for its alleged apathy towards the people of the State, which prompted the government to come out with the statement that the State excelling in a plethora of sectors at the national level proved the success of the guidance provided by the Dravidian Model of governance.

The areas in which the State had excelled are general exports, engineering related exports, health care provided to pregnant women, antenatal care, computer exports and in having the best special economic zones (SEZs) that propelled a state’s economy forward.

Tamil Nadu has 50 SEZs, which was rather phenomenal when compared to Gujarat that had just 21 and in the report prepared by the Niti Ayog on Export Preparedness Index, the State is on top scoring 80 to 100 points, the release said.

A report by the National Import Export Record for Yearly Analysis of Trade (NIRYAT) said that the State’s 16.30 percent contribution to export had put it in second place, next only to Maharastra.

In the index on providing health facilities to pregnant women, the State’s score was 3.31 points while other States like Gujarat with 12.72, Bihar with 29.75 and Uttar Pradesh with 30.03 lagged behind considerably.

By putting out the details culled out of Union Government’s records, the State government was tell the BJP top brass that their allegations had no basis. For, the records point to the growth the State had achieved over the years in improving the health sector and also the industrial sector.

And it is more a counter to the claims to the BJP that the State had failed under the DMK.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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