Summer Heat Evaporates 452 Cusecs at SRSP Daily

Nizamabad: The water level in the Sri Ram Sagar Project (SRSP) has been decreasing fast due to scorching summer and other needs. Presently, the water level was 1063.8 ft as against its full reservoir level of 1091 ft. Last year on the same day, the water level was at 1071.7 ft. The available storage of water was merely 18.437 tmc ft as it was 32.487 tmc ft on last year same day. Inflow into the SRSP was 1,736 cusecs.

However, outflows stand at 5,376 cusecs including 3,500 cusecs for the Kakatiya Main Canal, the Laxmi Canal 200 cusecs, the Alisagar lift irrigation scheme of 347 cusecs, Saraswathi Canal is 300 cusecs. For drinking water needs, 231 cusecs of water were released for Korutla, Jagtial, Adilabad, Nirmal, Armoor, Nizamabad and Kamareddy districts. Around 200 cusecs of water were released for TSIDC for Nizamabad and Nirmal districts. Evaporation losses stand at 452 cusecs.
Sriramsagar project received 204.442 tmc of water from June 1, 2023, to so far. A total of 207.088 tmc of water released as outflows from June 1, 2023. To cater for the irrigation and drinking water needs of Jagtial, Karimnagar districts officials released water downstream. There is no demand for water in Nizamabad district as the ground water table is satisfactory. SRSP officials are keenly monitoring the water situation to cater the drinking water needs in peak summer.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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