AP: SR Tourism Affected by Rising Temperatures and Year-end Exams

Visakhapatnam: Rising temperatures and year-end exams of the students have affected the Alluri Sitarama Raju district tourism promotion drive. The winter chill is missing.

The weekend tourist crowd fell due to the rise in temperatures in the tourist places of Manyam. Tourist numbers have thinned out in the agency as the students' year-end exams approached and the effect of mist reduced the tourists’ enthusiasm.

Ananthagiri Mandal, Lambasingi and Chintapalli mandals’ tourism spots saw reduced numbers of visitors from Vizag to Katiki, Thatiguda Falls, Madugula Cloud Hill, Tribal Museum, Padmapuram Garden, Kothavalasa Farm, Pedalabudu Tribal Village, Chaparaigedda, Taarab Falls in Pedabayalu mandal, Paderu Modakondamma Temple, Vanjangi Hills, Kothapalli waterfall, Tajangi, and Cheruvuvenam tourist spots that were full with tourists in January.

Now, the ‘Andhra Kashmir’ Lammasingi is recording a lesser number of tourists. Araku Museum curator Murali said, “Usually, every year, the first week of March also sees the highest number of tourists. This year, the minimum temperatures are experienced by the end of February. The mist will disappear by eight in the morning, due to which tourists are not coming to the agency.”

In addition to these, the number of visitors to Lambasingi and Vanajani hills has reduced drastically as the winter season draws to an end. Last Sunday, very few tourists visited Lambasingi, Vanajangi and Cheruvulavenam.

“Tourists come to these places to enjoy the smell and beauty of mist. But, by the middle of February, by morning, eight o'clock, the summer’s sun is shining. Due to this reason, tourists are not coming to these places,” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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