Simhadri to Complete Pollution Control Device by year End

Visakhapatnam: Simhadri super thermal power station of NTPC at Parawada in Anakapalle district will complete the installation of flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) system, which are air pollution control devices for sulphur dioxide emissions, by this year end.The 2,000 MW Simhadri super thermal power station of NTPC has been achieving the cent per cent fly ash utilization with the support of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

Head of Project- NTPC Simhadri Plant, Sanjay Kumar Sinha told reporters on Friday that NTPC-Simhadri has been striving hard to install sulphur dioxide-reducing technology FGD units by December this year.

``NTPC-Simhadri is in the process of installation of FGD in all the four units that would cost Rs 871 crore. After the installation of FGD, the SO2 emission will come down below MoEF and CC notification of 200 mg/Nm3,’’ Sinha said.

He said Simhadri station has generated around 10,300 million units (MU) of energy during the current fiscal 2023-24. The Plant Load Factor (PLF) for the current fiscal was 65.58 per cent with forced outrage (a measure of reliability of the Station) being less than 2.5 per cent. The plant achieved 100 percent utilization of fly ash, a byproduct of the coal-fired power generation. The Plant has been achieving more than 100 percent fly ash utilisation for the past seven years and it recorded the highest utilization of 176 per cent in 2022-23, Sinha added.

Sanjay Kumar Sinha said that NTPC-Simhadri has achieved the targets of power generation, ash utilization and in several other parameters in 2023-24. Simhadri plant has not recorded any loss in generation due to coal shortage in the fiscal. NTPC-Simhadri has supplied the flyash to NHAI for a number of road projects and execution of ongoing projects. NTPC has supplied more than 130 lakh tons of ash for NHAI road projects in Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Anakapalle and Srikakulam districts. The plant has exported tonnes of fly ash to other countries, he added.

Recognizing the imperative for diversification, Sinha said that NTP had commissioned the largest floating solar PV Project of 25 MW on the reservoir of its Simhadri station and plans to increase the power capacity by adding 18.5 MW in the coming days within the facility’s premises, paving the way of self-generated clean energy. This would cost Rs 95 crore. He said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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