Rs 23 Cr Cash, 17 Lakh Litre Liquor Seized in Maharashtra After MCC Came Into Force

Mumbai: After the model code of conduct (MCC) came into force on March 1, the state authorities have so far seized 699 kg drugs worth crores of rupees and Rs 23.70 crore in cash from various parts of the state. Maharashtra Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) S. Chockalingam on Saturday said that the State machinery has also seized 17 lakh litre liquor. Beside this, 308 weapons have been seized as they were found without licences. Preventive actions have been taken against 13,141 persons, he said.

Speaking with the reporters on Saturday, Mr. Chockalingam said that a total licenced arms in the state are 77,148. During the review, 308 weapons have been seized. The weapons that have been verified, will be asked to be surrendered or allowed to remain with the license holders after reviewing the security threats to them so far. “The authorities are still doing reviews with the remaining licenced arms,” he said.

The Maharashtra CEO also said that since the MCC came into force, preventive actions have been taken against 13,141 persons under sections 107 and 110 of CRPC and various sections of MPDA (Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities) Act. He also said that of Rs 23.70 crore cash that has been seized, Rs 3.60 crore, which is the highest in the state, was seized from Mumbai suburb.

The authorities have seized 17 lakh liters of liquor, worth Rs 14.84 crore and 43.97 Kg precious metal worth Rs 18.60 crore.

Speaking about the the first phase of election, Mr.Chockalingam said five general observers, six expenditure observers and three police observers have been appointed for Ramtek, Nagpur, Bhandara-Gondia, Gadchiroli-Chimur and Chandrapur Lok Sabha constituencies which will go to poll in the first phase on April 19.

The State branch of ECI has also appealed to the private industries to give a paid leave to citizens on the day of polling. “We are roping the labor department to hold a dialogue with the association of industrial units to give a paid leave to their employees on the day of polling so that the employees can exercise their franchise,” he said.

Officials said that the labour department has issued a notification in this regard.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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