Pune Porsche Accident Timeline of Events: What Really Happened

The 17-year-old son of a wealthy businessman in Pune spent Rs 69,000 on liquor with two friends on the night of May 18 after his Class 12 results. Around 2AM, the minor drove home in his expensive, unregistered Porsche Tycoon with two friends. It has been learned that the registration fee for this car has not been paid to the government since March.

At the same time, two techies—Anish and Ashwini, who had partied with their friends in a club in Kalyani Nagar, returned home. The two-wheeler they were traveling in was hit by the Porsche car at a speed of 200 km per hour. Due to the intensity, Anish and Ashwini were thrown a few feet away and died on the spot. People who were passing by caught hold of the youths in the car. The police reached there within minutes and took them to the Yerwada police station.
Anish's maternal uncle, Gyanendra Singh, in Pune learnt about the matter and reached the police station. He was surprised to see the behavior of the officials there. They did not care about the relatives of the victims. Moreover, Gyanendra was angry that they were deviating from the case with irrelevant questions by asking about the relationship between Anish and Ashwini.
On the other hand, some crime beat reporters who were there were surprised to see the boy who caused the accident sitting on the ACP's chair at the police station. As per media reports, it is said that the accused was served pizzas by the police. A local MLA, who came to the police station at 3am left after realising the seriousness of the offence. The police registered an FIR under Section 304A (killing life by negligence) on the complaint of Anish's friend Akhit Mulla.
Efforts were made at every side—from the police station to the juvenile justice board, to save the boy who caused the accident. It is alleged that the accused family bought off the officials by spending money on things like water. There was a serious delay in conducting alcohol tests on the accused. The behavior test started late too. The accused drank alcohol on the night of the 18th, he was taken to Hospital at 9am next morning. The personal appearance test also took about 8 hours and they collected blood samples at 11am, which raised suspicions. This was perhaps with an intent to reduce the tracing of alcohol levels in the blood.
The boy's father stepped in to manage the doctors at the hospital. Dr. Ajay Tawde, the head of the forensics department, spoke on the phone 14 times with the father of the accused. It is believed that a deal was struck a Rs. 50 lakhs . Dr.Tawde had already told the Chief Medical Officer, Shrihari, to change the blood samples. The blood samples of the accused were discarded, and a woman's samples were included. Suspecting that something was going on in the case, the higher officials collected the boy's blood samples once again and sent them to the district hospital.
A day after the accident, the accused was produced before the Juvenile Justice Board. Judge LN Danwade was lenient in the case of the accused and the bail was granted instantly. The accused was asked to write an essay in 300 words on Road Accidents-Solutions. He was also directed to work with the traffic police for 15 days. People were shocked by the verdict.
Soon, through social media, the news spread like wildfire and agitations began demanding justice. Pressured by the public, the top police officers stepped in immediately and on May 22, the boy's bail was cancelled, and he was sent to the observation home. After many twists, it came into light that the accused parents pressurised their driver to surrender as the culprit. However, the police later proved that the driver was not involved. The investigation is currently underway.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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