Post-Poll Violence Create Tension in Several Areas in AP

VIJAYAWADA: Post-poll violence continued in various areas of Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday, which created tension in areas like faction-prone Palnadu region and the temple city of Tirupati.

The violence erupted in the Palnadu region with the vandalising of houses of YSRC supporters in Kota Ganesunipadu by Telugu Desam supporters. The clashes erupted in the district on the polling day. Local TD workers first provoked the YSRC workers and later started attacking them, the ruling party alleged.

The clash occurred at Velpur of Achampet mandal. A few TD leaders vandalised the houses of the BC community voters as they supported the YSRC in Kotha Ganesunipadu of Piduguralla mandal, Palnadu district.

TD workers attacked the houses of YSRC leaders. As a result, the women of the respective families hid inside the temple all night, a report said.

On Tuesday, MLAs Kasu Mahesh Reddy and Anil Kumar Yadav went to the village to support the victims. Knowing that the MLAs were coming, the TD workers surrounded the village. The convoy of Mahesh and Anil was attacked with stones and sticks. As the situation got out of control, the police opened fire in the air.

The convoy of MLAs moved further with the help of central forces. Mahesh Reddy said, “When members of the BC community supported the YSRC in the village, TD resorted to attacks at midnight. I have written letters to the election commission and sought increased police security. They have deployed only 2-3 constables in the village.”

“I repeatedly urged the SP to employ force, foreseeing potential conflicts in the village. The request remained unanswered: Why didn't the SP utilise force? Where was the SP when women sought refuge by hiding behind the trees at night? Given the turmoil caused by Telugu Desam leaders, why didn't the SP conduct a check in the area? I urge the SP and IG to take action and arrest those TD leaders within 24 hours,” he said.

Tensions ran high in Velpur of Acchampeta mandal of Palnadu district. At night, a conflict started following a dispute between the two parties. As rival sides started trading blows against each other, the police intervened and brought the situation under control.

Tirupati city turned into a battlefield following an attack on Telugu Desam candidate Pulivarthi Nani by miscreants, allegedly from the YSRC, The incident took place on the premises of the Sri Padmavati Mahila Viswa Vidyalayam, where Nani had gone to inspect a strong room containing EVMs.

Nani confronted a group of YSRC activists loitering near the area, leading to a heated exchange that soon escalated into physical violence. The ruckus continued for long and the police and district collector Pravin Kumar intervened to restore order.

Stone pelting took place between TD and YSRC leaders in Tadipatri of Anantapur district. Reports said police inspector Muralikrishna was injured. YSRC cadres pelted stones at TD leader Surya's house. Municipal chairman Prabhakar Reddy sat on a dharna in the police station circle in protest against the attack.

In Nandyal district too, a clash occurred between TD and YSRC when YSRC leader Ramesh Naidu went to TD leader Hari's house and confronted him.

In a separate incident, there was tension near Ravichettu centre of Atreyapuram mandal in Konaseema district. A clash took place between YSRC-TD workers on Monday night. On Tuesday, both sides challenged each other on WhatsApp groups. Local MLA Chirla Jaggireddy and alliance candidate Bandaru Satyananda Rao entered the scene. As the situation worsened, the police stepped in and took preventive steps

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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