Marginal Rise in Voter Turnout in Kurnool and Nandyal

Kurnool: The elections in Kurnool and Nandyal districts saw a marginal increase in voter turnout compared to the 2019 polls.

The polling percentage rose in Kurnool from 75.13 in 2019 to 76.80 this time, indicating a slight uptick in civic participation. Meanwhile, Nandyal maintained a consistent polling percentage at 81.

Despite claims of anti-incumbency, data from the administration suggests there was no such trend in the combined Kurnool region. However, there has been criticism of the role of political parties in driving voter turnout through inducements.

Several constituencies in the Kurnool district recorded high polling percentages, with Pathikonda leading at 84.98, followed closely by Mantralayam at 84.31, Yemmiganur (81.97), Alur (80.73), Kodumur (79.14), and Adoni (66.55).

Kurnool's assembly segment saw a lower turnout, 63.75, compared to other areas.

Officials claimed that they sought to raise awareness among the voters of the need for their participation in the polling process. The previous election's turnout in the district was 59.53 per cent.

Nandyal district maintained a consistent polling percentage, with no significant variation from the previous elections. Allagadda recorded 83.12 per cent, Dhone 82.91, Banaganapalle 82.29 and Srisailam 81.70 per cent. Nandyal town saw a respectable 75 per cent turnout. Urban percentages gradually increased since 2004, reaching around 79 during the by-poll in 2017.

Retired teacher K Suresh from Gururaghavendra Nagar in Kurnool attributed the increase to voter awareness, favorable weather conditions, and inducements via cash, liquor, etc.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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