Didi Offers ‘Outside Support’ to India Bloc; Cong, CPI(M) Slam TMC Chief

Kolkata: Springing a surprise amid the Lok Sabha Election, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced on Wednesday that she would provide “outside support” to INDIA, the opposition parties’ forum, to help it form the next government at the Centre.

The Trinamul Congress supremo, who is a key figure in the anti-BJP forum but did not share seats with the Congress for the polls in the state, redefined her stand on the INDIA while speaking at a TMC poll campaign rally in Chinsurah of Hooghly.

Ms Banerjee however set a condition in exchange of her new offer. She sought to discount Bengal Congress and CPI(M) in the possible plan, accusing them of siding with the BJP against her in the state. Congress and CPI(M) hit back at her.

The CM said, “BJP, out of ego, declared: Is Baar Charso Paar. But people are saying: Nahi Hoga Doso Paar. Ebar Hobe Pogar Paar! So do not count Bengal CPI(M) and Congress in INDIA because these two are with BJP here and not us. I'm talking about Delhi.”

She added, “We will lead INDIA and extend outside support to it in all possible ways to form the government so that no problem arises for our mothers and sisters of Bengal and the 100-day job guarantee scheme.”

Taking a swipe at Ms. Banerjee, state Congress spokesperson Soumya Aich Roy alleged, “Ms Banerjee, on the pretext of offering ‘outside support’ to INDIA, sent a message to the BJP that she is still with them and there is nothing to worry about it.”

He pointed out, “Like a weather cock, she wants to fly in the direction of the wind. She has done it always. This is her political tendency. She sides with INDIA according to her convenience but maintains rapport with BJP.”

Echoing him, CPI(M) central committee member Sujan Chakraborty said, “People of Bengal have found Ms Banerjee helping BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi relying more on her than the BJP leaders because of the expansion of the network of his party and BJP here.”

He also claimed, “It is well known that BJP will not be able to form government this time. But Ms Banerjee has started playing a balancing act. She entered INDIA but maintained distance from Congress. This means that she, like BJP, is also against Congress.”

Meanwhile, CPI(M) state secretary Mohammad Salim blamed the Indian Secular Front, which has an MLA Noushad Siddiqui, for forging no alliance with the Left and Congress over sharing seats in the Lok Sabha polls in the state even after initial talks between the three. Mr Siddiqui dared Mr Salim to justify his claims.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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