Congress in Coastal Karnataka Expands Base, Engages Brahmins

Mangaluru: The Congress party in Coastal Karnataka has initiated steps to broaden its support base, with recent efforts focused on engaging the Brahmin community.

An important meeting with the representatives of the Brahmin community was held at a hotel in Mangaluru two days ago.

The meeting was led by District in-charge minister Dinesh Gundu Rao and attended by influential leaders from the Brahmin community, particularly those not aligned with any specific political party and also those within the party.

This initiative, headed by Rao and KPCC spokesperson MG Hegde, both belonging to the Brahmin community themselves, aims not only to expand the party's support but also to dispel misconceptions about its stance towards Brahmins.

While Brahmin voters may not form a significant portion of the electorate in the district, their influence in places like Puttur, Sullia, Belthangady, and Mangaluru cannot be neglected. The Congress party's outreach is not only aimed towards the upcoming parliamentary elections but also the assembly, Zilla Panchayat, and Taluk Panchayat polls in the future.

MG Hegde emphasized the party's commitment to inclusivity.

"Congress is a party that embraces all communities. We work for the welfare of everyone, and it is wrong to suggest otherwise regarding Brahmins. We unite all secular-minded individuals, and the Brahmin community should not be unfairly labeled as communal," Hegde said.

"We have held meetings with leaders from various communities, and this time, we have held meetings with Brahmins also. The purpose of this meeting and the future convention is to reassure the community of our inclusive stance. We are committed to providing necessary assistance to the underprivileged within the community through the Brahmin Development Corporation," Hegde added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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