Border areas put on alert to thwart illegal activities in poll season

Ananthapur: Border areas in the region have been put on high alert and additional check posts have been set up to prevent flow of illicit liquor and cash into the state, in view of the general elections.

The Anantapur and Satya Sai districts are set along the Karnataka state borders. Assembly segments like Madakasira, Hindupur, Kalyandurg and Rayadurg are located close to Karnataka.

Five mandals of Madakasira Assembly segment have only road access to Hindupur while all other sides are covered by Karnataka areas like Pavagada, Madhuguri, Sira and Hiriyur.

Though Lok Sabha elections are held in both Karnataka and AP, Assembly elections are taking place in AP only, which would see a shift in illicit activities in the region towards AP. Additional check posts have been set up at Kodikonda, Ukkadam, Amidalagondi, Moda and Santhebidanur areas to check illicit transportation of liquor from Karnataka.

The Satya Sai district authorities recently conducted meetings with the police teams of border districts of Tumkur, Chikkaballapur etc for joint efforts to thwart illicit activities, mainly liquor flow and transportation of black money into AP.

Satya Sai district SP Madahva Reddy said all border areas were on a vigil against transportation of liquor and other material into the state. “We are also keeping a vigil on the routes of entry in border regions where there is no check post”, the SP said.

Sources said illicit transportation of the arrack sachets and ID liquor was on rise in view of the huge difference in prices in Karnataka and AP. A volunteer from the border mandal of Rayadurg was detained while transporting ID sachets from nearby Karnataka.

The Vidapankal check post near Uravakonda, located between Bellary-Anantapur, is also watched by the SEB teams to prevent illicit liquor flow to AP. The SEB wing is also keeping an eye on possible transportation of non-duty-paid liquor from Goa through Guntakal area towards Kurnool.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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