A few piers sinking is no big deal, can be repaired: Harish

Hyderabad: The BRS on Tuesday sought to dismiss the partial sinking of the Medigadda barrage as a very minor problem. Former irrigation minister T. Harish Rao said that the mere sinking of a few piers was being portrayed by the Congress government as if the entire project was a write off.

Harish Rao accused the Congress government of using the situation at Medigadda for its “evil designs to gain politically from the issue, and to damage the Kaleshwaram project.”

Harish Rao demanded that the Congress government must get the sunken piers repaired, and ensure that water is available for irrigation from the Godavari river. “We have already said the government can conduct inquiries, identify those responsible for what happened at Medigadda, and punish such persons. We have no objections to that,” he said.

Harish Rao also said that such incidents were commonplace in irrigation projects. He said the Kadem vagu project was washed away but revived, as were the Singur dam, the Satnala, Yellampalli and the Puttamgandi projects.

Harish Rao said according to engineers there was a chance to revive the Medigadda barrage. “If the Congress government cannot do it, then let Revanth Reddy resign as Chief Minister and make me the Chief Minister and I will get this done,” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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