KTR Warns Muslims, Says Don't Be Used As Vote Bank

HYDERABAD: The BRS on Monday reached out to Muslims with a caution that they should be careful and not be used as a vote bank by the BJP and the Congress. “For decades the two parties had used Muslims for their political gain by showing one another as the enemy,” said K.T. Rama Rao, BRS working president.

During a meeting with the members from the Muslim community here on Monday, Rama Rao told them the Muslim community must protect themselves from parties like the BJP and the Congress.

“While the Congress headquarters Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad is being run by a Godse, also an RSS and BJP agent, the BJP was desperately conspiring to create communal tensions and disturb peace in the state,” Rama Rao said.

“Telangana in the last nine and a half years did not have a single day of curfew, something that was common when I was growing up in this city during festivals. I am a father of two children and I worry about the future of our children who are growing up in an atmosphere of increasing hatred towards Muslims who number 25 crore in the country, the highest number from the community in any country,” he said.

The Congress, he said, says “KCR is a BJP agent, even as the Congress is in an alliance with the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, which says it is a Hindu party and Muslims are its enemies. And for the BJP, it is either ‘jumla or hamla’. It is not Hindus who are in danger. It is Hindustan that is in danger. Teach a lesson to those who say let us dig up the masjids, and if bodies are found they are yours and if a Shiv Ling is found, then it is ours.”

Rama Rao urged the Muslim community members to fan out into the 60 to 70 Assembly constituencies where they are in significant numbers along with other minorities, and inform people about the anti-secular BJP and Congress and impress upon voters how the BRS is different from these two parties.

He said the BRS government had ensured peace, prosperity with inclusive development for all sections, particularly minorities with the highest budget for them, and creating education infrastructure for students from minority communities.

“There is no other leader like KCR in the country and I urge you to think carefully before you vote, and support KCR who has ensured that no one from any community is treated like a second class citizen, unlike in other states in the country,” he said.

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