Congress Twisting Facts, Says KCR

KCR says Congress has dozen CM candidates fighting for the post

Hyderabad: BRS president and Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao mounted a trenchant attack on the Congress and called it out for “twisting facts that stare them right in their face” in pursuit of votes. He also ridiculed the opposition party saying there are a “dozen chief ministers already in that party, even though the party is in no position to win the elections.”

Rao cautioned people not just to go by names of candidates from the opposition parties but pay some attention to the ethics, and practices of those parties before casting their vote in the coming elections. The Congress and its leaders, he said, never worked for the poor, but instead used the people as vote banks so they could get into power and get positions like ministers in their governments.

Accusing Congress leaders of misrepresenting what he had stated, Rao said: “Uttam Kumar Reddy (Congress candidate from Huzurnagar) has been saying KCR is wrong about the Nagarjunasagar project and twisting my statements on it. All I had said was that the location for the dam was selected to benefit people of Andhra region and this led to Nalgonda district suffering for decades and he is trying to make it an issue about Nehru. He also has been saying KCR is wasting public money on Rythu Bandhu.”

The Chief Minister addressed BRS campaign meetings in Huzurnagar, Miryalguda and Devarakonda where he sought huge margins of victory for party candidates Sanampudi Saidireddy, N Bhaskar Rao and R Ravindra Kumar.

He recalled how Congress MLAs and Ministers, among them Uttam Kumar Reddy, stayed silent in the Assembly when the then Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy threatened not to release a single paisa for Telangana. “Only we in the TRS fought, but now they come and ask for your votes. Where was all their love for Telangana and the pride they talk about now? All they wanted was to become ministers and get posts,” he said.

In each of the meetings, he attacked Congress asking people if they wanted the three hours of power supply to farmers as the opposition party says, if Rythu Bandhu should be abolished, with people responding saying they want the schemes to continue. “One Congress leader says three hours of power is enough for farmers, another says Rythu Bandhu should be stopped, and another, Rahul Gandhi, says Dharani should be thrown in the Bay of Bengal. If Dharani is gone, and the land records are gone, how will Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima and other benefits reach the farmers,” he asked.

He said the Dindi lift irrigation project was also delayed due to Congress tactics but it will be completed soon and it will not be long before every nook and corner of Nalgonda district will receive water. “We have released water 18 times from the Nagarjuna Sagar left canal since we came to power and will do it one more time to protect standing crops,” he said.

Rao also focused on youth voters telling them that it is their future that will be at stake if they elect the wrong party. “Don’t cast your vote without giving some thought. Don’t waste it. Elect the candidate from a party that has served the people of the state and not someone who did not do in the past,” he said.

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