Telangana BJP leaders bank on Vastu for luck, to face north-east in press meets

HYDERABAD: The BJP state unit was abuzz on Wednesday as the party leadership implemented a direction change, north-easterly, for leaders to face during their media briefings and press conferences.

Leaders said that all leaders, from the state or national level, will stick to the new paradigm, as per Vaastu changes made to benefit the party.

“The party can certainly use some good luck,” a party leader said. “And it is the media that get our word out, so why not?” the leader added.

Previously, BJP leaders faced the south-westerly direction during media briefings, which some consider can either bring luck or be a drain on wealth.

With the election atmosphere slowly gathering pace, BJP leaders decided that it might not be a bad idea to rejig their media activities hall. “The plan was to revamp the place, add some sound proofing to the walls and get new lighting. And if the change of direction helps us further our prospects, all the better,” a senior party leader said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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