Walk with Jaganmohan Reddy to jail: Desam

She said that the programme is not a padayatra but a Paadu' (bad) yatra.

Vijayawada: TD spokesperson P. Anuradha lambasted the YSR Congress for conducting "Walk with Jagan" and questioned where should the public walk with him. Should they walk to the jail?, she asked.

She said that the programme is not a padayatra but a ‘Paadu’ (bad) yatra.
Ms Anuradha said there was no goal for the padayatra. People have rejected Mr Jagan and will continue to do it forever, she said.

Addressing the media here on Tuesday, she observed that Mr Reddy’s yatra isn't people-centric and not for the welfare of the public.

He is doing the padayatra in an emergency fearing being hunted down by somebody. She felt that yatras done for the well-being of the leaders alone will not bear good results.

She opined that even the promises Mr Reddy was making during the padayatra were not aimed to be kept. “The same issues, when raised in the past, were rejected by the same leader saying that they are not viable practically,” she said.

She reminded that Mr Reddy earlier felt that loan waiver was not possible but is promising about the same now.

Couldn't be possible and now he is promising on the same. And she questioned how foolish is it the commitment of pensions even from 40 years old.

Mrs. Anuradha also questioned Jagan Mohan Reddy to answer how many breaks he had taken to complete 1000 Kilometres of his Padayatra to attend Courts on his corruption cases. She reiterated that every Thursday he is skipping his padayatra to attend courts and resuming it on Saturday and questioned how can it be treated as Padayatra.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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