I-PAC supports leaders countering Pawan's criticism

KURNOOL: Prashant Kishor's I-PAC is in action to address the comments made by Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan on the role of volunteers and data collection.

As part of their damage control measures ahead of poll-related activities, I-PAC is working on behalf of the ruling party and conducting awareness campaigns among various sections of the people, including the media. They are trying to convince the public that the data collected is accurate and reliable.

Previously, I-PAC collected information from various sources and provided it to the ruling party to prepare strategies to counter criticism from the opposition and address key issues. There was no direct involvement of ruling party leaders, and the organisation operated independently. However, the recent remarks by Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan have raised concerns among the public, resulting in some people opposing the collection of personal information or entry of volunteers at various places.

To tackle the situation, I-PAC is now actively engaging with party leaders across all districts. They are gathering data, guiding leaders on effective strategies to counter criticism, and directly interacting with the media to address any concerns. Regional coordinators, legislators, former MPs, MLAs, and nominated leaders from various wings, along with senior party leaders, are now addressing the media to directly respond to Pawan Kalyan's comments.

In addition to countering the criticism, I-PAC is providing data on various government schemes being implemented in the state. They are explaining the motives behind these schemes, the budget allocations, loans obtained for various programmes, and their positive impact on the people. Further, they are comparing the developments in the state after the YSRC came to power with the previous government's tenure.

"We are initially educating the media, ensuring they have a basic understanding of government programmes. We are advising all leaders on how to devise local strategies to strengthen their position in the upcoming elections," said a party leader who chose to remain anonymous.

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