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Will he? Won't he?

Deccan Chronicle| suresh kavirayani

Published on: January 30, 2021 | Updated on: January 30, 2021

All eyes on Chiranjeevi again



Is Chiranjeevi contemplating a re-entry into politics? The rumour mills are working overtime, though the Megastar himself is silent on the subject.
It all started when Nadendla Manohar, Jana Sena party leader, announced a few days back that Chiranjeevi would be supporting his younger brother and Jenasena supreme Pawan Kalyan, and would soon join him.

However, according to a source close to the development, Chiranjeevi is not keen on entering the political arena again, and is concentrating on his film career. He may say a few words in support of Pawan Kalyan as he is his brother, but is not likely to enter the political fray, the source adds.

"Chiranjeevi wants to maintain good relations with the Governments of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, so he will not make a re-entry into politics," the source says.

It may be recalled that the Megastar had quit politics three years ago, and gone back to films. He has three or four films on hand now — enough to keep him busy for the foreseeable future.

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