Soldier' Rahul Promises to Protect TS Interests in Delhi

Hyderabad: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that he along with his sister Priyanka Gandhi would serve the people of Telangana as soldiers in Delhi, after the Congress comes to power in Telangana state. "Whenever you have any requirements in Delhi, remember that we are always there for you," he said. “Priyanka Gandhi and I will be the representatives of Telangana people in Delhi.”

Addressing campaign-ending road shows in Nampally and Malkajgiri on Tuesday, and riding in an autorickshaw along with Congress Jubilee Hills candidate Mohd Azharuddin, Gandhi said, “It’s our responsibility to stand with the people of Telangana. Because, when my family and grandmother Indira Gandhi were in need of support, the people of Telangana, everyone including the women and youth stood by us. We will never forget your support.”

He said that his mother and former Congress president Sonia Gandhi had wholeheartedly formed Telangana state acceding to the people’s wishes and not bothering about the political implications.

"The Congress-led UPA government created Telangana state in 2014 with a belief it will benefit common people, especially the poor and the youth. But unfortunately, the BRS government has turned this state into "Dorala Telangana" (state of feudal lords) in the last ten years," he said.

“What the Congress wants is to make this state "Prajala Telangana" (a state for the people). To achieve this, please ensure the victory of Congress, and together, let’s realise the dreams of Telangana," Gandhi urged voters.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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