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Audio clip of Welfare minister Koppula Eshwar goes viral

Published Nov 30, 2021, 3:55 am IST
Updated Nov 30, 2021, 8:52 am IST
Political analysts suspect that the clip was released intentionally to malign the image of TRS in view of MLC elections
Welfare minister Koppula Eshwar. (DC Image)
 Welfare minister Koppula Eshwar. (DC Image)

Karimnagar: When the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) is trying hard to win two MLC seats from  the erstwhile Karimnagar district, an audio clip of conversation, which was suspected to be between welfare minister Koppula Eshwar and Venkatesh, an MPTC of Peddapalli district, went viral on Monday and it may prove costly to the TRS in MLC elections.

During the conversation, minister Koppula Eshwar appears to have pointed out that the names of Peddapalli district library chairman Raghuveer Singh and ZP chairperson Putta Madhu will go with BJP MLA Etala Rajendar.


Political analysts suspect that the clip was released intentionally to malign the image of TRS in view of MLC elections which are going to be held very soon across the state.

A transcript of the audio clip :

Eshwar: Suresh, what is going on? Is everything fine?

Venkatesh: Namaskaram, sir. Nothing, sir; Everything is fine, sir.

Eshwar: Why are you gathering all the members (MPTCs) ? Did we say that we will not do anything to you all?

Venkatesh: I did not gather anybody, sir. Only they took the money, but I did not take any money till date. Who gave this information to you, sir? Somebody is misleading you, sir.


Eshwar: People at Dharmaram are saying that you took initiation and gathered all the members and asked them to support Raghuveer Singh, the chairman of district library department. You seem to be questioning the members to decide whom they want? Independent candidate Ravinder Singh or TRS candidate Bhanu Prasad.

Venkatesh: I never took the name of Raghuveer Singh and did not gather the MPTCs, sir, and I will stand on my word, sir.

Eshwar: If you want money, you should approach us. We have around 900 members, do they have any members? What will you get if you do such things?


Venkatesh: The leaders from Ramadagu mandal came and gave money to Julapally members. I did not take money but the others took it. You can verify my call details, sir.

Eshwar: Who are Raghuveer Singh and Putta Madhu? They will go with Etala Rajendar gadu. Do you also want to go out with them?

Venkatesh: I only gave information to you. How can I leave with them, sir?

Eshwar : Then do one thing. You bring all the members to me that you gathered.

Venkatesh: I did not gather any members, sir.

Eshwar: Does the Congress or the BJP have enough MLC voters? If any one has to give anything, it is our party only. If five or ten members are going to them, let them go. Don’t indulge in such kind of issues, You are my man and I will look after you.


Venkatesh : I did not do anything, sir. Someone is trying to blame me, sir.

Eshwar: From now onwards if any member approaches you, you need to bring them to me.

Venkatesh : I promise you, sir, I did not indulge in such matters.

Eshwar: To whomever you talk to, bring those members to me. If not gathered it is OK. Who kept signatures to tell me?

Venkatesh: Julapally members signed after taking Rs.50,000 when Erla Narasaiah approached them.

Eshwar: What will they do with Rs.50,000? So I guess they don’t want what we are giving.


Venkatesh: When one Pradeep and Kumar came to me with the money, I did not take it and rejected the money, sir.

Eshwar: Don’t do such things, if any members come to you, then bring them to me. Will hand them a good amount.

Venkatesh : Ok,sir.

Eshwar : Nobody should keep a signature anywhere and ask them to approach me.

Venkatesh: It is right that they (BJP leaders) approached us. Out of the nine members of MPTCs, four or five members took the amount from them.

Eshwar: Why did these fellows take such a small amount? I am here to hand them a nice amount, Okay?


.Venkatesh : Ok, sir.

Location: India, Telangana, Karimnagar