KCR: Government needs 20 days to register non-agriculture properties on Dharani

The CM said he chose Mudu Chintalapalli village to launch the portal as a tribute to Veera Reddy, a fighter for separate Telangana

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao said that the government needed another 20 days to start registering non-agriculture properties on the Dharani portal, which he launched on Thursday. The launch has cleared the way for registration of agricultural land.

The government had stopped registration of all properties to bring in the new revenue laws and facilitate the introduction of Dharani.

Speaking with select reporters after launching the portal, the CM said the government would be introducing a security feature on the portal that will allow owners of non-agricultural properties to mask their land details from prying eyes.

“Sometimes, this element of secrecy is required for owners of valuable lands who fear that they can be targeted by unscrupulous elements if their details are exhibited. In such cases, the owners can choose the ‘hide’ option,” the CM explained. “Utmost caution was needed to safeguard the details of non-agriculture properties, particularly those situated in urban areas as they had multiple stakeholders.”

The Chief Minister assured that all the information uploaded to the portal would be secured with the latest technology. Servers would be located in four different areas and their information would be kept under wraps for security reasons.

Replying to a question on the comprehensive land survey, the Chief Minister said that the government had decided to digitalise data on all the land in the state and also every open plot and piece of land with geo-coordinates.

He explained that a lot of institutions were interested in taking up the survey. The government will soon float tenders and then finalise the date of commencement of the survey.

Stating that their ultimate aim is to provide conclusive title to the people for their properties, Chief Minister Rao said it would happen only after completion of the land survey.

“If legal issues crop up after issuing conclusive titles, the government will have to compensate the title holder in the event of losing the land and also bear the legal expenditure,” he said.

Rao said he had chosen Mudu Chintalapalli village to launch the portal as a tribute to Veera Reddy, a fighter for separate Telangana in 1969 who was jailed several times. Before launching the portal, he paid tribute at the statue of Veera Reddy.

He said that the then Chief Minister who always spoke about information technology never attempted to extend it to the revenue administration. It is the TRS government that gets the credit for introducing IT in revenue administration.

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