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Rajnikanth says doctors advised him not to get involved in active politics

Published Oct 30, 2020, 12:01 am IST
Updated Oct 30, 2020, 5:24 am IST
The superstar made it clear that a letter being ciruculated on social media was not his statement
Superstar Rajnikanth
 Superstar Rajnikanth

Chennai:  Actor Rajinikanth confirmed on Thursday that he had health issues and that he had been advised by doctors not to involve himself in active politics even as his fans went berserk on Twitter demanding his entry into politics, saying that he was the only hope for Tamil Nadu.

Quoting what was described as a leaked letter of Rajinikanth, some media outlets put out a story that the actor might exit politics without even entering, prompting his fans to trend a Tamil hashtag ‘If at all I vote it will be for Rajini only’ through the day, calling their ‘Thalivar’ to come and also questioned the veracity of the ‘leaked letter.’


Even as the hashtag was trending, Rajinikanth put out a tweet past noon saying: ‘A letter masquerading as my statement has been making its rounds on social networking sites and the media. Everyone knows that it is not my statement. Yet some of the information in the letter on my health condition and doctors’ advice are all true.’

He went on to say that he would inform his political stand to the people after discussing it with the office-bearers of Rajini Makkal Mandram (Rajini People’s Forum). The forum was formed with the members of his erstwhile fans’ association after he had made an announcement that he would be entering politics by launching his own party.


The actor had held meetings with the office-bearers in earlier occasions to elicit their views and also to guide them on the way he would like to fashion his party. But subsequently in a press conference, in which he just spelt out his plans and left the venue without taking any questions from the media persons, he made it clear he was not entering politics.

Later on, when it BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned that his party was waiting for Rajinikanth to float his party to forge an alliance with it, media started speculating about the possible party launch, enthusing his fans.


It was in that backdrop the ‘leaked letter’ surfaced on Wednesday, throwing cold water on the hopes of the actor’s fan brigade. So they wanted to send across the message to their leader and hence took the Twitter route to draw his attention.

Most of the tweets projected him as the only alternative in Tamil Nadu politics. ‘Expecting a better government is my right. Expecting selfless people in politics is minimum wish. Pls come Thalaivaa. Show some light for TN. Give some hope,’ said a fan who had been repeatedly tweeting through the day.


Now, it is speculated that the alleged ‘leaked letter’ was a planned leak to either send across the message to the fans of their leader not launching his party or to test the real support that he enjoyed among the people.

Whatever it is the actor has now confirmed that he had serious health issues that impede him from taking part in active politics. Still a fan said that Thalaivar was not someone who would give up and through the trending hashtag the fans had said that they would not vote for anybody else. As one of them made it clear: ‘If not for him I will vote for NOTA in all elections hereon.’