Parties, and leaders using new technology to reach and spread message to voters

ADILABAD: The recently launched new technologies such as 'ChatGPT' and WhatsApp channels have come in handy for political parties and leaders to be in touch with the people, mainly voters, in the run-up to the elections.

Parties and leaders are using new technologies on social media as they say even illiterates are operating social media platforms like WhatsApp on their mobiles to listen to videos etc, if not to chat or comment. It is easy for anybody to send pictures and video grabs or make audio calls, these leaders note.

The backroom boys of political leaders are operating these platforms and sending messages to the people in the name of their leaders etc, and are swelling such groups with regular addition of members, to reach messages to voters fast and in a steady stream.

Many political leaders are starting their channels on WhatsApp and using this as a tool to reach out large number of people, round-the-clock.

BRS MLC, K. Kavitha, started her channel a few days ago by naming it, Kavitha Kalvakuntla, on WhatsApp. It instantly won 3,100 followers. Her assistants post her videos, photographs, and information about her programmes and interviews on various issues and update the information regularly.

Information about Kavitha’s interaction with the leaders of Telangana Boggugani Karmika Sangam (TBGKS) and her opinion on SCCL announcing a 32 per cent bonus this year to the Singareni workers on Sept 27 were carried on this page. Kavitha is the honorary president of the TBGKS.

Political parties and leaders and their teams also use ‘ChatGPT’ for developing content without much effort and giving shape to their views and feelings. Some leaders are using the ChatGPT for their political speeches.

B Sridhar, working as a personal assistant to former Congress MLC Premsagar Rao of Mancherial said. “We launched a WhatsApp channel three days ago in the name of Premsagar to spread news about our party activities in the Mancherial assembly constituency.”

He said there is no restriction on the number of followers for inclusion in the WhatsApp channel unlike members in the WhatsApp group, which allowed only a few hundred members. Also, only the admin can share information on the WhatsApp channel, so that no trash would flow in.

Sridhar said the new technology would be very useful for the election campaign and noted that WhatsApp has revolutionized social media.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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