Uttam appeals to voters to elect Congress to bring real change in TS

Hyderabad: Congress Huzurnagar candidate N. Uttam Kumar Reddy on Tuesday made a passionate appeal to the voters of Telangana to give the Congress a chance to bring about the much-needed change. He lamented that the people of Telangana have not experienced the true benefits of a separate state due to the abysmal failures of the BRS government.

Addressing a series of meetings on the last day of the election campaign, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that it was Congress leader Sonia Gandhi who had granted statehood to Telangana with the hope that it would transform the lives of ordinary people, particularly the youth, students, and other marginalised sections. The BRS government had failed to realise the primary objectives of Telangana – water, resources, and jobs.

He asserted that the last decade under the BRS government has been a period of shattered dreams, broken promises, and betrayal. He contrasted this with the Congress' commitment to addressing the needs of all sections of society.

Uttam Kumar Reddy highlighted the alarming unemployment situation, stating that there are over 40 lakh jobless youth including nearly 25 lakh who had registered with the TSPSC. He pointed out that lakhs of youth have crossed the age limit while waiting for the recruitment process to be completed. He also criticised TSPSC for its repeated paper leaks and the BRS government's inaction in filling vacant posts in government departments.

He emphasised that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has never prioritised initiatives that could create new employment opportunities, resulting in Telangana becoming one of the states with the highest unemployment rates.

The Congress leader also addressed the neglected state of education under the BRS regime. He pointed out that the promise of free education from KG to PG has remained unfulfilled, with students being deprived of fee reimbursement, scholarships, and adequate staffing and funding for state universities. Similarly, public healthcare has been severely neglected, with major government hospitals across Telangana lacking proper facilities.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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