AP government paid Rs 185 crore annuity to Amaravati farmers

The minister questioned what development Naidu had brought about for Amaravati

VIJAYAWADA: Municipal and Urban Development Minister Adimulapu Suresh claimed on Tuesday that any benefit to farmers can be expected only from the YSR Congress as “this is a farmer-based government.”

The minister condemned the remarks made by Telugu Desam chief Chandrababu Naidu that the YSRC government has no right to sell the Amaravati lands as it is not pursuing the capital’s development.

The state government started paying annuity amounts to Amaravati farmers under which Rs 185 crore was deposited into their accounts on Tuesday.

The minister questioned what development Naidu had brought about for Amaravati and said he as CM only passed time with graphics, terming Amaravati as a temporary capital, all through his five-year tenure.

“Naidu and other leaders have no right to question the YSRC government on Amaravati lands. The Jagan-led government is committed to decentralizing development and it is giving all the subsidies and rights to Amravati farmers,” he asserted.

Suresh said the government is paying annuity amounts to the Amaravati farmers under the Land Pooling Scheme. “We paid Rs 182.26 crore to Amaravati farmers as annuity for 2020-21 and Rs 187.75 crore for 2021-22.”

The minister said the government allotted Rs 208 crore through GO-MS-277 for financial year 2022-23 under which, on Tuesday, Rs 185 crore was deposited in the accounts of the farmers.

There were some disputes on the rest of the lands and amounts will be paid after the clearing of disputes, he said.

Suresh said Amaravati farmers would be paid Rs 50,000 per acre for Jareebu (fertile) lands and Rs 30,000 per acre for Metta (dry) lands with an annual increase of 10 per cent. He affirmed that the YSRC government adhered to decentralized development, under which Amaravati also developed.

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