Siddaramaiah video-bombing HDK government?

Published Jun 28, 2018, 6:52 am IST
Updated Jun 28, 2018, 6:53 am IST
As former chief minister underwent treatment, a slew of disgruntled Congmen visited him.

Mangaluru: Sri Dharmastala Manjunatheshwara Yoga and Nature Cure Hospital at Dharmasthala was abuzz with political activity on Wednesday.

Former CM Siddaramaiah who is under naturopathy treatment is to be discharged on Thursday. From the day he got admitted in the hospital, Congress leaders identified in his camp have been visiting him. Two videos where he had expressed his unhappiness over the present government too were viral on the social media. 


A day before his discharge, the Hospital was hub of activities with a group of MLAs including two Ministers meeting him at the hospital and holding discussions with him for over two hours.

Though all the Congress leaders prefered to define their visit as a casual visit to enquire Siddaramaiah’s health, Congress camp was abuzz with various types of rumors about dissidence within among the leaders. 

The Congress leaders who were allegedly unhappy with the coilition government were seen with Siddaramaiah on Wednesday. The team of Congress leaders lead by Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi landed at Mangaluru Airport on Wednesday afternoon around 11.30 pm.

Ramesh Jarkiholi said that the team had come to speak to Siddaramaiah and enquire his health. He said that there was no problem in the coalition government. 

The team covered the 80 kms distance from the Airport to Dharmasthala in a Tempo Traveller which was provided a police escort. The vehicle entered Hospital. Sources said that they did not visit the Temple. 

As Siddaramaiah was in a treatment session, the team waited for some time and then met Siddaramaiah and had talks with him for about two hours. 

MLA Narayana Rao told that they had come to meet Siddaramaiah and enquire his health. 

“There was no political meeting. Siddaramaiah is not unhappy and nobody has neglected him. He is CLP leader and co-ordination committee head. Can the government continue by neglecting him? We won 80 seats because of him,” he added.

Meanwhile Health Minister Shivananda Patil too arrived at the hospital and spoke to Siddaramaiah. 

“None of the MLAs are here to discuss politics. We came to enquire Siddaramaiah's health. We did not have political meeting. He is taking AYUSH treatment and AYUSH comes under my department. This is my private visit and not official tour,” Shivananda Patil told reporters. 

The team lead by Jarakiholi which had lunch in the guest house left to Mangaluru airport from where they returned to Bengaluru.

Prior to their visited former Minister Anajaneya had talks with Siddaramaiah. 

Meanwhile, former Minister TB Jayachandra who came to the hospital had to return. It is said that as it was late Siddaramaiah had asked him to come later.

Jayachandra who had lunch in a guest house met Siddaramaiah in the evening and had talks with him. “There is no need to give special meaning for the visit of Congress leaders to meet Siddaramiah. There is no dissidence. Only media has stated about unhappiness and I do not know anything like that. We have supported the government unconditionally and thus there is no room for any fear,” he said.

He also added that Siddaramaiah did not deny permission. “I had gone out to have lunch,” he clarified.

Why so angry Mr Siddaramaiah?

Former chief minister Siddaramaiah, who seems keen to keep the coalition government on tenterhooks,  has stirred a hornet's nest with his statement that the administration could last for just one year.  Sources in Mr Siddaramaiah's camp said the former chief minister has been throwing tantrums for three reasons: One, send a message to Chief Minister, H.D. Kumaraswamy and his deputy Dr G. Parameshwara, not to bypass him and take any decisions.  Two, these tantrums would help him secure more posts for his supporters during appointment of chairpersons of state-owned boards and corporations. Last, his ire over the state government's decision to transfer officials belonging to Kuruba community from key posts.  Sources said many MLAs met him to check whether he could get them cabinet berths. A few like B. Nagendra had lobbied for plum post of chairperson of board or corporation. Some others like Raichur MP B.V. Naik met him to lobby for their supporters be accommodated during the appointment to boards and corporations. So, Mr Siddaramaiah would try to throw his weight around and get more posts for his nominees.  Mr Siddaramaiah also suspected the hand of Dr Parameshwara in transfer of officers hand-picked by him.  In particular, the transfers of Bengaluru  south taluk land acquisition officer, A.C. Jagadish and Bengaluru urban DC, K. Dayanand irked him and his die-hard supporters most. Sources said Mr Siddaramaiah could think of rocking the coalition government later, but would keep throwing tantrums to get his short-term plans executed  for now.  

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru