TD will be back in power, says Chandrababu Naidu

Naidu said the YSRCP leaders were so criminalised, corrupt and incorrigible that they lost the right to rule the state

Nellore: TD Mahanadu was kick-started with fanfare at Manduvaripalem near Ongole on Friday, with an assertion by former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu that his party will romp back to power in the next polls.

Thousands of partymen including a large number of youths and a sizable number of women arrived from all parts of the state for the highly publicized event. The city was virtually painted yellow.

In his welcome address, the party national president slammed the Jagan Reddy government saying it was crushing the state’s people with its 'welfare betrayals, “all-round loot” and unbearable taxes.

Naidu said the YSRCP leaders were so criminalised, corrupt and incorrigible that they lost the right to rule the state. All sections of the people were rejecting the false welfare claims being made by chief minister Jagan, he said.

Naidu described Jagan as an 'inefficient leader' presiding over the government in a maniacal manner in the company of liars, the corrupt and the hardcore criminals. In just three years, the Jagan “misrule” pushed Andhra Pradesh into a ` 8 lakh crore debt trap with “zero development” and no roads, he said.

Naidu accused Jagan of selling Rajya Sabha nominations and telling blatant lies to the people.

“One YCP RS nomination was given to a former TDP leader from Telangana, who had in the past got 12 backward castes like Thurpu Kapu and Koppula Velama deleted from the BC list. This leader had gone to court and put hurdles in the four per cent reservations to Minorities,” Naidu said.

Naidu said the general public were not responding favourably to the bus Yatras that the YCP ministers were conducting to take 'false credit' for the so-called rolling out of the social welfare schemes in the state.

The people's non-cooperation with the government began at the chief minister's Eluru meeting itself when the public left the venue despite the police pleas and threats, half way through the meet, he said.

The TD chief asserted that until Jagan continued in politics, AP would not see good and happy days. “All of us should unitedly raise the slogan, 'Quit Jagan', to save AP from a disaster in the making. Jagan had such a dark track record that he turned the 'babai Viveka' axe attack into a heart attack and enacted 'Kodi Kathi' drama to win polls with sympathy vote,” Naidu said.

Condemning the YSRCP rule, Naidu said the Government was giving “far less” under Amma Vodi and taking back “a lot more” through Nanna Buddi.

The TDP government in the past spent 52 per cent of the budget on welfare as against just 41 per cent under the Jagan rule, Naidu claimed.

How can Jagan claim welfare credit when he removed Anna Canteens, Videsi Vidya, Pelli Kanuka, Sankranthi Kanuka, Ramzan Thofa, Christmas Kanuka and Chandranna Beema, Naidu asked.

The former CM said Jagan looted the people with his own harmful cheap liquor brands while the sand mafia raised the cost of a tractor load of sand from Rs 600 under TDP to Rs 5,000 at present.

“No sand is available for the CM's promised construction of 30 lakh houses for the poor. The YSRCP leaders grabbed the assignment and dotted land. The 'crazy CM' is signing false MoUs at Davos with the same companies that had worked here under the TDP rule,” Naidu said.

For instance, the state’s agreement with Adani Data Centre was signed during the TDP rule. Jagan Reddy cancelled the same and signed a more or less similar MoU with that company at Davos now,” he said.

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