CM Jagan weighs tradition, culture while naming new districts

The ruling YSR Congress leaders are happy over the announcement of new districts

VIJAYAWADA: Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy has given due weight to tradition and culture as also other sentiments of the people while giving names to the new districts.

The ruling YSR Congress leaders are happy over the announcement of new districts. They noted that this was a long-pending electoral promise and CM Jagan is fulfilling this and other poll promises with great vigour.

Most of the new districts were formed as per the wishes of the local people for long years and the time has come to unveil the new districts on the occasion of the Telugu New Year, Ugadi.

Political analysts said the Telangana government led by Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao had established new districts in 2016, two years after the formation of the state. But, TD leader Chandrababu Naidu, who was the CM of AP, thought only about his interests in Amaravati.

They said CM Jagan, mindful of the people’s aspirations, gave the poll promise that his government would form new districts. “He is now fulfilling the promise,” they noted.

The analysts noted that Jagan has already proposed balanced development of three regions, namely Rayalaseema, the Coastal and North Andhra, through the three capitals concept. “But, the government is facing a lot of hurdles in the way of implementing the three capitals decision. The formation of new districts will give the government a chance to develop the three regions and it would be helpful to the YSRC in the coming elections, they said.

“The geographical identity and emotions are reflected in the names given to the new districts. For instance, giving the Sri Balaji name to the new district in Tirupati cannot be opposed by anyone. It is strongly attached to the emotions, traditions and culture of the region. Similarly, giving the name of NTR to a new district also cannot be questioned,” they said.

They noted that the ancient and historical Palnadu region is crying for an identity for decades and the formation of the Palnadu district will be welcomed by all. Also, the formation of two tribal districts in Araku will give a global identity to Araku with scope for a lot of development for the region and its people in future, they said.

The giving of names Annamayya, Satyasai, Kakinada, Anakapalli, Konaseema, Eluru and Nandyal to the new districts was aimed at honouring the local people’s sentiments and will help largely in the development of the respective areas under the concept of balanced regional development, the analysts stressed.

Deputy Chief Minister Amzath Basha said Jagan is fulfilling a major election promise and this would help the development of all three regions of AP. “The CM proposed the three-capitals plan for decentralised development of the state and he is now forming new districts that will boost development in all the 26 districts. This will avoid the centralization of power and development. The people are happy over the formation of new districts,” he said.

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