YSRC lodges complaints against TD over bogus votes

Vijayawada: YSR Congress presidents in Krishna and Annamayya districts on Sunday lodged complaints alleging large scale irregularities in the voters list and said that TD leaders were deliberately including duplicate and bogus voters. The YSRC demanded rectification of the same. The party lodged another complaint against TD alleging that the party collected personal information from the public. Krishna Zilla YSRC president and MLA Perni Venkataramaiah alias Nani met the Collector and submitted the complaints with evidence and proof.

MLA Nani said that there were irregularities in the voters list and explained about the bogus and duplicate votes. He informed that there were 50 to 100 votes in the same door number before 2019 and pointed out that the same person has the right to vote in both AP and Telangana. He further pointed out that a single person has the right to vote in a municipal area, in a village and in separate constituencies. He informed that his party workers conducted house-to-house surveys in many areas and observed the anomalies.

The MLA stated that YSRC complained to the Chief Electoral Officer about such manipulations and bogus votes. Nani demanded that the Election Commission should investigate and take steps to ensure that every eligible voter has the right to vote in a democratic manner.

Annamayya district YSRC president and government whip, Gadikota Srikanth Reddy, complained to the collector that TD workers were collecting personal information of the people during door-to-door campaign to check the voters. He expressed concern that such an exercise would take away personal freedom of the people and disturb peace and order. He mentioned in the complaint that TD cadres take the phone number of individuals and ask for OTP and alleged that they committed atrocities on those who do not share their personal information.

Giving an instance, MLA Srikanth Reddy stated that in Rajampet constituency, TD activists went to a house and asked for personal information. Those who did not share it were brutalised.

He said the police are conducting an investigation in this matter. He pointed out that TD was asking for personal information under Babu Bharosa and Bhavishyath ki guarantee programmes and were misleading the people. In a petition the MLA said that people's personal information should not be collected and democracy should be protected.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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