Strive to get Karnataka s five guarantees in your states, says Siddaramaiah

BENGALURU: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday asked the Youth Congress functionaries to press for the implementation of Karnataka Congress government model of five-guarantees in their respective states too and stated that the implementation of the 5-guarantees in Karnataka has helped the people of the state to cope with price rise of essential commodities.

After inauguration of National Youth Congress Convention in Bengaluru, Siddaramaiah said the Congress party before coming to power in Karnataka had assured to implement 5-guarantees such as free power of 200 units, free bus travel for women in State run buses, unemployment allowances for graduates and diploma holders, distribution of 10-kg rice free of cost for BPL card holders and Rs 2,000 Direct Bank Transfer to a female head of a family and all of these guarantees have been given a god head in two months of assuming power.

“If the system does not change then the gap between the poor and rich would widen further,” said the Chief Minister and asked the Youth Congress functionaries to rise against price rise, corruption, unemployment, bad governance among other issues confronting the society and strive to make the dreams of attaining Independence come true.

Recalling he said, Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular opined that the implementation of 5-guarantees could not be possible but the Congress party has made all the assurances come true in Karnataka and stated “We have delivered goods to the people in the past, present and future as well.”

Criticising the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the country in the last 9 years, Siddaramaiah said Modi assured creation of two crore jobs every year and going by his words, about 18 crore jobs had to be created but unemployment has been on a rise in the country.

Continuing his attack on the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister said subsidy for the fertilisers have been cut while farmers do not adequate price for their produce and Minimum Support Price has not been implemented properly while Modi government has brought down imposition of tax on corporate companies from 30 per cent to 20 percent but taxes have been imposed on commodities such as milk, cruds, pen, pencils among others.

Siddaramaiah said that about 60 percent of the nation's revenue comes from the poor but in turn only 10 percent of them enjoy the benefits of schemes.

Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar spoke.

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