Himayatsagar water let out to save farm house of Harish Rao: Congress

Hyderabad: Water was let out from Himayatsagar in order to save the farm houses of minister T. Harish Rao and former minister Mahendar Reddy, whose houses were within the full tank level, said vice-president of the Congress party’s kisan cell M. Kodanda Reddy.

A committee constituted by the Congress party to study the effect of removal of GO 111 concluded that 80 per cent of the affected land, which falls under the area, is in the hands of realtors.

The report says that as the state government had not issued any official communication regarding repeal of GO111 it is to be presumed that GO 69 dated 12.4.2022 stands good.

It was imperative that GO 69 that lifts prohibitions of pollution-causing constructions, including, hotels, malls, heavy constructions and industries must be withdrawn immediately,

It further stated, “As the government itself has given a written affidavit in October 2022 that prohibitions of G.O 111 are not removed and all prohibitions are applicable, hence the government must immediately withdraw GO 69. The court is requested to take this up suo moto.”

On the release of water to Musi the report states, “There are 100s of encroachments inside FTL of both the reservoirs. It is obvious that floodgates have been lifted without actual reservoirs being filled up. More than 45 per cent of the area of reservoirs has been reduced due to encroachments.”

At a stage when every person of HMDA/GHMC is not receiving 135 litres of water per person per day it is the responsibility of the government to restore the reservoirs to their original area and holding capacity, the report states.

The 22 STPs in the buffer zone of reservoirs, heavy constructions, hazardous industry and concretizing the area from where two rivers Musi and its tributary Esi originate can cause destruction and put lives in peril. However, there is no seriousness by way of policy and enforcement and no proper facilitation when citizens approach HMWSSB and the GHMC, members of the committee said.

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