Hard time for Bandi Sanjay

Oldies in Telangana BJP out to stall new chief\'s youth move

Hyderabad: Senior colleagues are said to be making life difficult for the new Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar by dragging their feet over the revamp of the executive committee.

As per the BJP's party constitution, the state executive committee changes when a new state chief is appointed. Bandi Sanjay took charge in March this year over the claims of several senior politicians.

And so now the party executive committee must have five new vice-presidents, four secretaries, four general secretaries, a treasurer and official spokespersons.

However, sources in the party disclosed that some of the old guard, citing the ruse of Covid-19, are seeking to delay the recast of the state executive. They have been exerting pressure on the party high command to delay the revamp.

The BJP has been the destination of migratory birds from other parties since the Lok Sabha elections of 2019. Many leaders from the Congress, TRS and TDP have joined the BJP and the party high command wans to accommodate them in the state committee.

Many among them eyed at the state president's post, but the high command chose Bandi Sanjay, a staunch loyalist of the RSS.

Sources said the party high command has advised Sanjay to accommodate only 'uncompromised' leaders in the state executive. This advice came against the backdrop of certain developments in the party during the 2018 Assembly elections in the state.

Keeping this advice in mind, Sanjay is said to be making moves to accommodate young leaders in the executive and proposed a few such names to the national leadership.

There was talk in BJP circles that Sanjay also requested the party leadership to accommodate seniors in the party's national executive so that he can accommodate younger elements in the state committee.

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